Welcome to the new academic year 2020/21. Here you will find introductory videos for the classes:-

2CL https://youtu.be/Fcng-hz8ZtA

2 SC https://youtu.be/vJbrf7d356o

Mrs Hawkins and Mr Tureac supports across both classes.

If you wish to contact us you can do this via these email links below:

Mrs Lathall     

Miss Charles  

In Year Two you will be expected to:-

  • Put your homework diary in the tray each morning.
  • Remember that spellings will be tested on a Monday, and new spellings will be sent home on the next day.
  • Remember that your Maths homework will be sent home on a Thursday.
  • Remember to change your reading book each day or every other day if your books are longer.
  • Put your homework in the tray when you have completed it.
  • Help keep the classroom tidy by putting your personal belongings on your peg or in your drawer.
  • Remember that on PE days to come 'PE ready' in your sport uniform.PE days are Thursday and Friday.
  • Always follow class and school rules.
  • Make sensible and independent decisions.

Our exciting theme for this term are…

Term 1- Where we live

The children will visit a local museum to find out about the history of shoe making in Northamptonshire. They will learn about the key features of maps and will create their own routes. They end the unit by planning and making model playgrounds.

Term 2- Remembrance

The children will be learning about the life of ‘Walter Tull’ and his achievements; learning about life during World War 2 and focussing on Remembrance.

Term 3- Oceans and Seas

The children will study the art work of J.M.W. Turner and will create collages and clay models. They will learn about the different oceans and continents of the world.

Term 4- Hot! Hot! Hot!

The children will get a visit from the local fire station and will find out about the jobs of firefighters. They will learn about the Great Fire of London and will create their own models. We will look at a hot country (Sri Lanka) and compare it with where they live.

Term 5- The Living World

The children will learn about the best conditions for growing plants. They will evaluate and make their own vegetable salads. Children will learn how animals and humans change and what they can do to help themselves stay healthy.

Term 6- Seaside Holidays Past and Present-

The children will look at the physical and human features of a seaside location. They will learn about entertainment from the past and will design and make their own hand puppets.

Please refer to our termly newsletters for more in depth detail of the objectives, trips and visitors.

Year 2 Curriculum Letters

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