Welcome to Year 5 2020/1

Introducing the Year 5 classes for the new academic year



In Year 5 the children are expected to:

  • Complete English, spelling and Maths homework every week that it is set on Tuesdays (homework will not be allocated during the last week of each term).
  • Complete maths homework online (Active Learn Primary)
  • Hand homework in on the following Monday from which is given out.
  • Practice spellings each week (spelling tests will be on a Friday).
  • Read at least five times a week.
  • Complete their homework diary themselves and have it in school everyday
  • Follow the class rules that the children created themselves.
  • Be responsible for their own learning.
  • Talk to us!

Our exciting themes, this year are:

Term 1 – Food

The children will learn about how food around the world I grown and

why certain foods relate to certain countries, or not.

Term 2 – Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

We are expecting a visitor to start this theme off with a bang! The children will develop their understanding of the Viking invasion and settlement in Britain. 

Term 3 – Rainforests

The children will discover key information regarding what rainforests are, where they are, what they contain and who lives there!

 Term 4 – Space

The children will look at the location of a range

of planets as well as thinking about the revolution of space travel.

Term 5 – The Egyptians

The children will build their knowledge of a period when the Ancient Egyptians were powerful in the world. They will archaeologists, look at some of the pharaohs and archaeologists discoveries and compare daily life to that of their own.

Term 6 – China

The children will find out about the Shang Dynasty of China.

Please refer to our termly newsletters for more in depth detail of the curriculum objectives, trip and visitors.


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