Welcome to the new academic year 2020/21 and our refurbished classrooms!

Introducing the new regimes for September 2020 for each of the two classes:-

6JS (Mr Sadler) & 6JG (Mrs Grove) https://youtu.be/rDeJyhEFqEU

In Year 6 you will be expected to:
  • Become more independent and do things for yourself. 
  • Read lots of different things, including newspapers.
  • Take responsibility for doing your homework and handing it in on time.
  • Keep practising your times tables—you need to know them inside out!
  • Present work to a high standard.
  • Set a good example to the younger children in the school.
  • Work collaboratively, helping and supporting one another.
  • Try your very best and never give up!

In Year 6, you can look forward to studying the following themes:

Crime and punishment

The children will learn about crime and punishment through the ages, from the Anglo-Saxons to the present

Evolution & Inheritance

We’ll find out how living things have changed over time and that fossils provide information about living things that inhabited the Earth millions of years ago


We’ll learn about this amazing Central American country and compare it to our own.


We’re going to do lots of experiments to investigate light and shadow


You’ll make your own circuits to make a toy, which you have designed and made, light up and move

The Mayan Civilisation

We’ll find out about this fascinating period of history. We will find out about the beliefs, behaviour and characteristics of the people

The Year 6 production

You’ll join the cast as they rehearse for their end-of-year production. You’ll be constructing and painting the scenery too!

Mr J Sadler

The Next Few Days...
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Year 6 Curriculum Letters