In recognition of the expansion to the school, the Governing Board was recently re-constituted (1st November 2016) and comprises 11 governors in total:-

  • The Headteacher
  • 2 elected Parent Governors
  • 1 co-opted Parent Governor
  • 1 Staff Governor
  • 1 Local Authority governor
  • 5 other co-opted governors

The Chair and Vice Chair are elected annually at the first meeting of the academic year and this list will be updated as a consequence. The current governing board and their term of office is:-

Governor NameTerm of OfficeRole/Responsibility
Mrs Angela Robinson 25.06.16 - 24.06.20 Chair of Governors, LA Governor

Mr Stewart Wiles

24.06.17 - 23.06.21 Co-opted Governor / Vice Chair

Mr Stephen McClymont

20.04.09 -  Headteacher

Mr Mike Ellson

24.06.17 - 23.06.21 Chair of Resources, Co-opted Governor

Mrs Helen Sexon

24.11.17 - 23.11.21 Parent Governor (Elected)

Mrs Susanna Hogan

24.11.17 - 23.11.21 Parent Governor (Elected)

Mrs Helen Scott

26.09.16 -  Staff Governor
Mr Sean Prosser 06.03.17 - 05.03.20 Co-opted Governor
Mr David Farmer 06.03.17 - 05.03.20 Co-opted Governor
Mrs Dee Newman   Associate Member

Mrs Claire Griffiths

  Associate Member

Miss Gemma Hartop

01.09.17  Clerk to the Governors

Completed governor declaration forms are held in school for all members but summarised below.

NameAppointed byBusiness InterestsOther School RelationshipsOther RelationshipsDate declared

Mike Ellson

  Employed by school uniform provider None None 18.09.17
Claire Griffiths (Associate Member)   None None Member of school staff 18.09.17
Stephen McClymont   None None Headteacher 18.09.17
Helen Scott   None None Member of school staff 18.09.17
Angela Robinson   Director Garrison Resilience Ltd None None 18.09.17
Stewart Wiles   SJ Wiles Consulting Elizabeth Groome Music Charity None 18.09.17
Naomi Boszeat-Edwards    None  None  Parent of Pupil 18.09.17
Mrs Zara Thomas    None  None  None 18.09.17
Mr Sean Prosser   None None None 18.09.17
Mr David Farmer   None None None 18.09.17
Mrs Dee Newman   None None Member of school staff 18.09.17
Mrs Helen Sexton          
Miss Susanna Moore          

Details on the role and responsibilities of a school governor can be found on this link.

Everyone working together for life-long learning”

Governor Curriculum Statement

Our Aims:-

  • Every child is motivated to become a creative, independent learner who will reach their full potential.
  • Every child has the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and understanding to use existing and new innovations.
  • Every child develops the necessary attributes to participate as a confident and responsible citizen in our ever changing global community.
  • We under pin learning by the five R’s


Never give up; set targets and practise; have a positive attitude; find interest in what you do.


Listen to different opinions; learn from mistakes; ask why; stay calm.


Learn in different ways; use imagination; look at other options; ask good questions; make links; gather evidence.

Risk Takers:

Have a go; don’t be afraid to be wrong; get started; choose a method.


Work effectively as part of a team; know right from wrong; be a good listener; show empathy; share and give reasons.

Our National Curriculum subjects are planned to enable us to teach them through an exciting thematic approach. Pupils are encouraged to transfer the skills and knowledge gained in one subject and apply them to another. Pupils are invited to contribute to the content of every theme and evaluate their own learning. The school promotes learning through the teaching of the 5R’s; Resilience, Reflection, Resourcefulness, Risk Taking and Relationships.

Whole School Themes and Special Days

A series of subject ‘theme days’ take place during the academic year which are either linked to current issues or guided by the subject co-ordinator. This enables us to look at current issues; religions; famous people; artists etc.  These days also provided us with a great opportunity to develop cross curricular work; enter competitions; develop projects and work with external providers (such as Waitrose or Local Theatres); celebrating religious festivals; national days of interest or developing topics suggested by the pupils via the School Council.

We regularly hold special days to reflect real time/life events, invite visitors to our classes/assemblies and participate in visits.   

We strongly believe that children are learners both in and out of school.  Therefore we encourage learning at home; organise a range of experiences including visits to places of educational interest, making use of our two minibuses; and invite specialists into school.  We offer extra curricular activities and children in year 4 and year 6 participate in residential trips.

We provide a curriculum overview for eachyear group and an information letter each term for parents.

For further information please read our prospectus:

Henry Chichele Primary School, Attendance Registers 

Governor Attendance Registers


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