The National Curriculum sets out the stages and core subjects your child will be taught during their time at school. Children aged five to 16 in state schools like Henry Chichele Primary School must be taught the National Curriculum.

The curriculum can be defined as the total learning experience which children are exposed to in school hours. Taught time is 21 hours, 15 minutes per week at Key Stage 1, and 23 hours, 45 minutes per week in Key Stage 2. There are no defined minimum or maximum hours for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We strongly believe that children are learners both in and out of school.  Therefore we encourage learning at home; organise a range of experiences including visits to places of educational interest, making use of our two minibuses; and invite specialists into school.  We offer residential visits to children in year 4 and year 6.

Within each year group you will find infiormation related to the core subjects (English, Maths & Science), based on the outlines given in the National Curriculum. History is also presented in this format, based on a suggested programme.

All other subjects are presented in two-year sections, dividing KS2 into Lower and Upper Key Stages.

It should be noted that it is only statutorily required to cover each Key Stage’s content by the end of the key stage. It is for schools to decide on the most appropriate ordering for their situation.

There is a good range of extra curricular activities available to children during and after school.

On the right you can access pages that show what each Year group is learning on a termly basis.

Phonics and Reading Schemes

In Key Stage 1 phonics are supported by the "Letters and Sounds" Scheme. Additionally, we use Read, Write Inc for pupils needing additional support.

We use a range of schemes for reading, including:

  • Rigby Rockets
  • Rigby Stars
  • Storyworlds
  • Oxford Reading Tree
  • Ginn